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“Historian of Fascism: Why Trump Firing FBI Director Comey…is so Worrisome,” Democracy Now!

“This is not, strictly speaking, a constitutional crisis in that it was perfectly legal for Trump to fire the FBI director. What’s at issue is the politicization of the judiciary and intelligence which he’s been doing all along and the method.”

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E.A. Crunden, “Experts in authoritarian regimes say Comey’s firing was a ‘shock event,’” Think Progress

“Democracy is threatened in drips. You have drips and drips….then you have these [huge] events.”

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Neta Alexander, “Is Trump a Fascist?” Haaretz

“this creates a political discourse that emphasizes negative elements, that paints a picture of a society in crisis that needs a strong leader to save it. So you have people like Trump asserting that nothing is working, everything is a mess, and only they can set things right and ‘Drain the swamp.’ By the way, it was Mussolini who coined that slogan. Originally, he meant it literally: to invest in infrastructure and reclaim malarial swamps to transform them into beautiful modern towns. And then it became a metaphor for reclaiming, rehabilitating all of society. And the trick was, of course, that some people could not be rehabilitated. In World War II, this ‘draining’ included the Jews, many of whom had supported fascist politics early on.

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“Is Trump A Fascist?” Al-Jazeera

“You find yourself with a state that is transformed out of all recognition, but it’s still ‘democracy.'”

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Is Right-Wing Populism Here to Stay? How Does Trump Fit in? Upfront with Mehdi Hasan, Al-Jazeera

“I think we’re definitely living in a new era,” says Ben-Ghiat, author of Italian Fascism’s Empire Cinema. “We’re also being fed a series of crisis narratives by the new right, which would like us to be in a new era where everything is decaying and they are the answer; they are the saviours.”

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Justin Salhani, “Experts in authoritarianism are very concerned about Trump’s first few days as president,” Think Progress

“We put all the blame on Trump but the GOP has seen in him a kind of vehicle to get certain radical things they want done and [to push] a certain cultural shift in the nation.”

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Joshua Keating, Rebecca Onion, and June Thomas, “Italy: Fascism’s Violent Birth,” Fascism: A Slate Academy Podcast

“It took people by surprise – What Mussolini did, he came from the left, the revolutionary left. He was a socialist.”

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David Dudley, “The Problem with Mussolini and His Trains,” CityLab

“There’s a template for authoritarian rule….So far, [Trump is] checking a lot of the boxes.”

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The Question, “Is Donald Trump a Fascist?”

“If we rate Franco and Mussolini as ten on a scale of classic fascist demagogues, Trump might get seven.”

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The New Yorker, “A Scholar of Fascism Sees A Lot That’s Familiar with Trump”

“At the beginning, people loved going to the show of Donald Trump. You didn’t know what he was going to do or say. It was the same with Mussolini.”

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Sky News Tonight, On Donald Trump and cults of personality

“He has effectively spun a story about America as a nation in tatters, a nation in ruins, and of course, he can step in as the savior.”

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