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The Chauncey DeVega Show Podcast: Donald Trump’s Authoritarianism Report Card

Trump is leading a personality cult, which in keeping with how authoritarian regimes have historically taken power, is consuming the American government.

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ABC News Video: Trump escalates immigration rhetoric

“The idea of shooting migrants comes up in his rallies… Trump laughed it off.”

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Slate Trumpcast: A Historical Lens on Trump’s Authoritarianism

How do Trump’s behaviors continue authoritarian traditions?

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Stephen Miller: why is Trump’s white nationalist aide untouchable?

“Stephen Miller is a quiet extremist – the most dangerous kind.”

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Every authoritarian ruler has wanted a “new” Delhi. Modi’s only the latest

“Authoritarians like to leave their mark on the landscape.”

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Trump’s coziness with authoritarians is backfiring spectacularly in Syria

“The cost of allying with autocrats like Erdogan and Putin has never been clearer.”

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Staring down impeachment, Trump sees himself as a victim of historic proportions

“Trump’s Cult of Victimization”

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An Unauthorized Biopic Of Silvio Berlusconi, Already Stranger Than Fiction

“Berlusconi knew how to create continual moments of outrage to capture the news cycle,”

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Dean Obedaillah Show, Sirius XM 10-01-2019

“This is more of Trump’s Politics of Apocalypse.”

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CNN Tonight with Don Lemon Interview, August 5, 2019

“With a white nationalist in the White House stoking hatred and 400+ million guns in circulation, America is in uncharted terrain.”

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Trump used words like ‘invasion’ and ‘killer’ to discuss immigrants at rallies 500 times: USA TODAY analysis

“Trump does nothing by accident. The use of repetition – a propaganda mainstay – points to an intention by Trump to impose a way of thinking about his designated targets.”

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