Ruth has advised multi-national corporations and other organizations facing interferences and complications from autocratic forces in the US and abroad. She also advises civil society organizations on democracy protection strategies. In 2022 she advised the House Select January 6th Committee, sitting for two interviews and writing a report (read an excerpt here). 

She also advises civil society organizations on democracy protection, and political candidates who face authoritarian challengers.

Ruth also consults on documentary and fiction film and television projects on authoritarian regimes past and present. Her knowledge of film as a tool to narrate the past informs her 2015 book on Fascist propaganda,  Italian Fascism’s Empire Cinema, and her on-camera contributions to documentaries such as Netflix’s To Become a Tyrant and PBS’s The Dictators’ Playbook.

Ruth provides complete consultancy services on film and television projects. From concept and story development to script and storyboard review to fact-checking to review of rough and final cuts, Ruth helps production companies create compelling historical narratives. She served as the historical consultant for Guillermo del Toro’s BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning film Pinocchio (2022), which is set in Fascist Italy.  Read more about her work in this area here.