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Jack Smith IV, “This is fashwave, the suicidal retro-futurist art of the alt-right,” Mic

“The stability and monumentalism of these male heads and male torsos is comforting to young men as a model of a great man. A warrior — the beautiful, perfect male who is ‘European.’ The joke is that the purity never existed in these cultures, so it’s quite a fantasy, but it’s a compelling fantasy.”

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Gregory Krieg, “Is the Imperial Presidency at Risk Under Trump? Historians Say No,”

“These days it seems like many peoples are gravitating to governmental solutions that involve more executive power….In Europe the most desired form of populism is authoritarian populism. So Americans are in some ways part of a larger trend.”

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Justin Salhani, “There’s a Resurgence of Far Right Groups in Italy and They’re Sponsored by Putin,” ThinkProgress

“Axis 2.0 has been shaping up for some time in Europe, with Putin in the place of Hitler as funder and instigator and United States President Donald Trump helping him and the right achieve their aim of undoing liberal democracy.”

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Jason Schwartz, “Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Mantra a Hit with Despots,” Politico

“It’s [fake news] anything that contradicts with a leader’s version of reality,” she said, pointing to the situation in Myanmar. “You can will away genocide, you can will away events that you didn’t want people to know happened.”

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Annalisa Merelli, “Italy’s Neo-Fascism is What Happens You Normalize Extremism,” Quartz

“the people in the fringe became the center, [in] a mainstreaming of the right.”

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Astead W. Herndon, “Republicans Are Changing their Views to Accommodate Trump, Polls Show,” Boston Globe

“It’s about loyalty….It’s an allegiance based on loyalty to a person — not a party and not to a set of principles.”

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Stephen Collinson, “Trump’s Authoritarian Streak,”

“Most authoritarians in history are extremely brittle, they don’t take well to criticism so they surround themselves with family and flatterers”

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Ishaan Tharoor, “Trump Takes Another Authoritarian Turn with Arpaio Pardon,” Washington Post

“In situations where democracies become right-wing regimes, the leader usually relies on paramilitary or other extremist forces to get into office or consolidate power once he’s there. He has to dance the line between expelling them and using them. Trump’s expulsion of [White House ultra-nationalists] Stephen Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, coming together with his open support of white nationalism and now his pardon of Joe Arpaio, shows this dynamic well.”

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“Hearsay with Cathy Lewis,” WHRV/WHRO (NPR/PBS) Norfolk, VA

An interview on white nationalism after the Charlottesville rally. “President Trump and the Alt-Right: A Test of Leadership”

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Amanda Erickson, “What Authoritarianism Experts Think of Trump’s Decision to Pardon Joe Arpaio,” Washington Post

“If the leader does not explicitly renounce the violent rhetoric and actions of extremists, they will have done their damage even if he later purges them. The result is a new culture of violence in the country, which the other armed and security forces of society must adapt to.”

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Daniel Dale, “Trump’s attacks on Sessions, Mueller raise concerns about ‘authoritarian’ tactics,” Toronto Star

“It’s very alarming, because he’s escalating all of the things he’s been doing. And what unites all these manoeuvres is his back is increasingly against the wall.”

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