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Ashley Parker, “Going it Alone: Trump Increasingly Relies on Unilateral Action to Wield Power,” Washington Post

“Trump has been saying for a long time things like, ‘I am the only one who matters. The idea that his instincts are what guide him and he doesn’t need any experts is part of this … That’s all typical of the authoritarian way of doing things.”

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Matt Kwong, “Trump Muses About Pardoning Himself, Experts on Authoritarians are Horrified,” CBC News

“It’s meant to introduce into public discourse unthinkable ideas, and to start working on the public to make those ideas acceptable.”

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Adam Klasfeld, “U.S. Faces Call to Action on Lost Migrant Children,” Courthouse News Service

“Trump has been very admiring of how Duterte has handled his kind of drugs and criminals, and Duterte often boasts that he has pushed his enemies out of a helicopter, and he’d do it again”

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Louis Jacobson, “Madeleine Albright Compares Mussolini, Trump on Use of ‘Drain the Swamp’,” Politfact

“We can understand fascism’s social, agricultural, and racial policies through the concept of ‘reclamation’ — draining or cleansing something to regenerate or remake it”

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Rebecca Ruiz, “The Trump Administration is Hellbent on Erasing the Reality of People’s Lives,”

“Immediately authoritarians start attacking sectors of society, everything that depends on inquiry and evidence.”

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Justin Salhani, “When Bannon Visits His Far-Right Friends in Europe,” Arab Weekly

“The League is the most dangerous, anti-democratic force in Italy right now and naturally well placed to be riding the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim wave that’s buoying the right in Europe”

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“The Dean Obeideallah Show,” SiriusXM Progress

“He [Trump] will not denounce people connected to his base.”

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Tara McKelvey, “Stephen Miller: How much influence does he have on Trump,” BBC News

Miller enhances the president’s self-image – “leader glorification”, says Ben-Ghiat, underscoring a core message – “He’s your saviour.”

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John Kruzel, “Donald Trump’s ‘fake news’ epithet emboldens despots around the world,” Politfact

“Every authoritarian needs to spread his own version of reality, and will invest time and resources to discredit anyone else’s.”

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Alexander Nazaryan, “Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ Could Inspire Dictators Around the Globe,” Newsweek

“If you can take down American democracy—it clearly encourages them to act worse”

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Jason Schwartz, “Study: Americans View Media Negatively, Can’t Agree on Meaning of ‘Fake News’,” Politico

“Republicans now see partisan beliefs as ‘fake,’ and they have also bought into Trump’s cult of personality credo that anything or anyone critiquing him is not real.”

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