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Ashley Parker, “Trump and Republicans Settle on Fear and Falsehoods as Midterm Strategy,” Washington Post

“This is the way propaganda works. You put different enemies together that really have nothing to do with one another. He’s trying to create this image of a wave of people of color, or threats, who are coming to invade the border.”

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S.V. Date, “Trump Really Seems to Wish He Were an Actual Dictator,” Huffington Post

“Hate crimes are up. The press is being maligned. Propaganda works.”

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Ashley Parker, “’Totally Dishonest’: Trump Asserts only he can be Trusted Over Opponents and ‘Fake News’,” The Washington Post

“The widening circle of the parties that he’s accusing is predictable because I see Donald Trump as an authoritarian in the making or an authoritarian wannabe, and there’s always a transition process of this sort of leader asserting himself above all the authorities. Every authoritarian leader eventually asserts himself as the only arbiter of truth.”

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History Hit with Dan Snow – Mussolini and his inheritors

“He [Mussolini] was the first person to turn a democracy into a dictatorship.”

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“Background Briefing with Ian Masters,” on Berlusconi-Putin and Trump-Putin.

“We’re in a partly Berlusconi moment where….the spectacle of politics has taken over. And again, the big themes of conflicts of interest, of hiring family, of kleptocracy….It’s a debasement of civic life, of the tone of politics, of everything.”

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Press Play with Madeleine Brand, KCRW, “Trump Meets with Putin”

“Putin is the only not only leader, but seemingly the only person in politics [Trump] has not criticized.”

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“Trump Meets with Putin,” “The National,” CBC News

Trump and Putin: What to expect from their meeting in Finland, The National

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Tadashi Sugiyama and Koji Sonoda, interview on Trump’s authoritarian tendencies for Asahi Shinbun

An interview on Trump’s authoritarian tendencies for Asahi Shinbun

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Ashley Parker, “Going it Alone: Trump Increasingly Relies on Unilateral Action to Wield Power,” Washington Post

“Trump has been saying for a long time things like, ‘I am the only one who matters. The idea that his instincts are what guide him and he doesn’t need any experts is part of this … That’s all typical of the authoritarian way of doing things.”

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Matt Kwong, “Trump Muses About Pardoning Himself, Experts on Authoritarians are Horrified,” CBC News

“It’s meant to introduce into public discourse unthinkable ideas, and to start working on the public to make those ideas acceptable.”

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Adam Klasfeld, “U.S. Faces Call to Action on Lost Migrant Children,” Courthouse News Service

“Trump has been very admiring of how Duterte has handled his kind of drugs and criminals, and Duterte often boasts that he has pushed his enemies out of a helicopter, and he’d do it again”

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