Interview Archive: Fascism and the Global Right

Jack Smith IV, “This is fashwave, the suicidal retro-futurist art of the alt-right,” Mic

“The stability and monumentalism of these male heads and male torsos is comforting to young men as a model of a great man. A warrior — the beautiful, perfect male who is ‘European.’ The joke is that the purity never existed in these cultures, so it’s quite a fantasy, but it’s a compelling fantasy.”

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Justin Salhani, “There’s a Resurgence of Far Right Groups in Italy and They’re Sponsored by Putin,” ThinkProgress

“Axis 2.0 has been shaping up for some time in Europe, with Putin in the place of Hitler as funder and instigator and United States President Donald Trump helping him and the right achieve their aim of undoing liberal democracy.”

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Annalisa Merelli, “Italy’s Neo-Fascism is What Happens You Normalize Extremism,” Quartz

“the people in the fringe became the center, [in] a mainstreaming of the right.”

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Sky News Tonight, On Donald Trump and cults of personality

“He has effectively spun a story about America as a nation in tatters, a nation in ruins, and of course, he can step in as the savior.”

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