, July 18, 2018

Anyone who needs confirmation of the secret of a strongman — that he’s a weak man, in constant need of ego affirmation — need only look at images of the Helsinki “summit” between American President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which revealed the insecurities of both men underneath the façade of power, and Trump’s submissiveness to Putin in particular.

Here is a selection of those images captured by photo journalists. Of course, they don’t convey every moment of the meeting, but they are consistent with what we saw on air during their appearances together. There are many other such similar images — each seemingly more awkward than the last — in which the subjects tell more of a story than they may have wanted through physical cues.

The meeting in Helsinki between two men expert in the art of spectacle intended to intimidate the world, proclaiming that Trump’s reorientation of America away from liberal democracy is in line with the intentions of his counterpart Putin.

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