Tara McKelvey, “Stephen Miller: How much influence does he have on Trump,” BBC News

1. Championing the leader

Trump surprised people with his darkly-toned inauguration address and its reference to “American carnage”. The speech was written by Stephen Bannon, the president’s former chief strategist, Miller and others.

For some watching, this portrait of America was simply Trump telling the truth about a country that had lost its way. But his critics saw it differently.

The apocalyptic vision is typical of authoritarian leaders, says New York University’s Ruth Ben-Ghiat, the author of a book about Mussolini. The basic idea is society has become decayed and corroded and needs to be purified.

With Bannon gone, Miller now has more power in the White House as the remaining hardliner on immigration and nationalism. He’s reinforced his position by championing the president.

Miller said on television last year that the president’s decisions “will not be questioned” and has also described Trump as “the most gifted politician of our time”.

Methodology: Miller enhances the president’s self-image – “leader glorification”, says Ben-Ghiat, underscoring a core message – “He’s your saviour.”

Tara McKelvey, “Stephen Miller: How much influence does he have on Trump,” BBC News
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