Archive: Think Progress

Justin Salhani, “There’s a Resurgence of Far Right Groups in Italy and They’re Sponsored by Putin,” ThinkProgress

“Axis 2.0 has been shaping up for some time in Europe, with Putin in the place of Hitler as funder and instigator and United States President Donald Trump helping him and the right achieve their aim of undoing liberal democracy.”

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E.A. Crunden, “Experts in authoritarian regimes say Comey’s firing was a ‘shock event,’” Think Progress

“Democracy is threatened in drips. You have drips and drips….then you have these [huge] events.”

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Justin Salhani, “Experts in authoritarianism are very concerned about Trump’s first few days as president,” Think Progress

“We put all the blame on Trump but the GOP has seen in him a kind of vehicle to get certain radical things they want done and [to push] a certain cultural shift in the nation.”

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