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Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill, “Donald Trump, Fascism, and the Doctrine of American Mythology”

“These rulers, when they’re still on their way up, they weaponize their bodies and their words. Authoritarians always tell you what they’re going to do.”

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“The Consequences of Hate Speech,” Background Briefing with Ian Masters

“If you know the authoritarian playbook you are able to find almost nothing [Trump] does surprising.”

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History Hit with Dan Snow – Mussolini and his inheritors

“He [Mussolini] was the first person to turn a democracy into a dictatorship.”

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“Background Briefing with Ian Masters,” on Berlusconi-Putin and Trump-Putin.

“We’re in a partly Berlusconi moment where….the spectacle of politics has taken over. And again, the big themes of conflicts of interest, of hiring family, of kleptocracy….It’s a debasement of civic life, of the tone of politics, of everything.”

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“Trump is Encouraging a Political and Cultural Civil War,” Background Briefing with Ian Masters

“When an authoritarian is threatened and feels vulnerable is when they lash out.”

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Ruth Ben-Ghiat Analyzes Authoritarianism & Trump’s Predatory Masculinity

“He becomes a masculine hero… he becomes the heartland vs. the elite… Ruth Ben-Ghiat During this week’s show, Professor Ben-Ghiat and Chauncey discuss Donald Trump’s rise to power, authoritarianism and …

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