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Emma Johanningsmeier, “A New Book about Mussolini is Provoking a Debate about his Legacy”

“The history of fascism is a history of dictatorship, of leader-worship….This book is part of this phenomenon that’s resurrecting the cult of the leader.”

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Tom McCarthy, “Is Trump an Authoritarian? Experts Examine Telltale Signs,” – The Guardian

“The authoritarian wants us to lose our faith in our ears and our eyes, what we read and what we observe, so that we can be more dependent on him. ‘Reality is what I say it is.’ So it’s very, very dangerous that he is doing this with regard to the biggest index of democracy, which is free and fair elections.”

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John Haltiwanger, “Bernie Sanders says the ‘simple truth’ is Trump is an ‘authoritarian leader,’ and several experts tell INSIDER they largely agree,” – Business Insider

“There is no doubt that Trump has authoritarian inclinations. His labelling of the press as the ‘enemy of the people,’ use of threat, … need for loyalty, humiliation of all those around him, and admiration of leaders who have stifled democracy, are merely some of the qualities that he has in common with authoritarians past and present.”

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