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ABC News Video: Trump escalates immigration rhetoric

“The idea of shooting migrants comes up in his rallies… Trump laughed it off.”

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Slate Trumpcast: A Historical Lens on Trump’s Authoritarianism

How do Trump’s behaviors continue authoritarian traditions?

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Stephen Miller: why is Trump’s white nationalist aide untouchable?

“Stephen Miller is a quiet extremist – the most dangerous kind.”

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Donald Trump

In impeachment hearings, lessons on the erosion of American democracy

“Trump is creating an alternate reality in which facts are what he needs them to be.”

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Trump’s coziness with authoritarians is backfiring spectacularly in Syria

“The cost of allying with autocrats like Erdogan and Putin has never been clearer.”

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Staring down impeachment, Trump sees himself as a victim of historic proportions

“Trump’s Cult of Victimization”

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Dean Obedaillah Show, Sirius XM 10-01-2019

“This is more of Trump’s Politics of Apocalypse.”

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Trump used words like ‘invasion’ and ‘killer’ to discuss immigrants at rallies 500 times: USA TODAY analysis

“Trump does nothing by accident. The use of repetition – a propaganda mainstay – points to an intention by Trump to impose a way of thinking about his designated targets.”

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Trump says China’s Xi should meet ‘directly and personally’ with the Hong Kong protesters to negotiate a ‘happy’ ending to the clashes – Business Insider

“Trump’s history of public admiration for Xi Jinping as a repressive ruler who may stay in office indefinitely sends a clear signal of approval for anything Xi does to show his strength, including any military action in Hong Kong.”

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Racism Balance Scale

GOP can’t shake off the awful taint of Steve King’s racism and misogyny

“Are black and yellow people at our doors?” Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini asked this question in 1927, two years into his dictatorship — and his answer was yes. He falsely …

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