Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill, “Donald Trump, Fascism, and the Doctrine of American Mythology”

Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins Yale’s Jason Stanley on ‘Intercepted’ to discuss Trump’s brand of authoritarianism and dissect the similarities and differences between Trump and fascist leaders Mussolini and Hitler.

Read the entire transcript of the episode at The Intercept

One thing I’m quite concerned about, which is one of the last pieces of the puzzle in America — militias. If these people become activated in some way, they will fall into place as the paramilitary component. So, all of this is true, but when we have the actual leader of the country who has declared himself a violent potential killer, that’s a whole other level. And in fact, when Mussolini announced dictatorship, he made the speech to Parliament. He said, “If fascism has been a criminal organization, well, I’m the head of that organization.” So, that was it.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat
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