Trump’s fatal mistake on women

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a problem with women. So it’s no surprise that he has started to attack his main rival for the American presidency, Hillary Clinton, on gender grounds, claiming that she lacks the strength, stamina, and credibility to run the country.

Yet Trump should think twice before turning the looming showdown with Clinton into a referendum on whether women are fit to serve in America’s highest office. If he takes this tack, he will be revealed for who he is: a weak candidate whose attitudes represent America’s past, not its future.

Trump may change his political positions frequently, refining his messaging to match his audience, but on women and gender issues he has remained remarkably stable over decades. In situations where he holds the reins of control, he can be pro-woman: he has rewarded and elevated high-performing female employees of his businesses, most of all his daughter Ivanka.

It’s another story with women in general, those who exist outside of his authority. These women are the “dogs,” “slobs” and “fat pigs” of Trump’s world, with a special status reserved for females who challenge him: cue the insults he directed at his former GOP rival Carly Fiorina, and at Fox journalist Megyn Kelly after she asked him tough questions in a 2015 GOP debate.

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