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“Breaking the rules, and getting away with it, is at the center of the ethos of macho lawlessness that underpins strongman rule.”

The New York Review, August 12, 2020

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“The entire intellectual and epistemological structure has to be contorted to serve their ends…it’s not so much about denial as it is a reshaping of the scientific agenda.”

October 15, 2020, Rolling Stone

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“Trump is a chaos agent.”

The Washington Post, August 10, 2020

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“Strongmen leaders incite crises so they can pose themselves as the law-and-order solution.”

The Washington Post, August 30, 2020

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Donald Trump

For Trump, Reality Is Just A Prop He Doesn’t Care To Use

CNN, August 28, 2020

From Showman to Strongman in Four Years

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Ruth and Sarah Kendzior discuss Trump’s authoritarianism:

Fernand Amandi, Strange Days Podcast, July 23, 2020 Click the image to hear the discussion on Spotify:

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“What is Fascism? Is Trump a Fascist?”

NPR 1A Podcast, July 27, 2020

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Journalists as Hate Object

June 17, 2020

Deutsches Haus at NYU and La Maison Française NYU

“Journalists as Hate Object: Populism, Authoritarianism, and the Free Press.”

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“Will Trump leave office if he loses in 2020?”, June 12, 2020

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Police Brutality

“How Did Journalists Become Hate Objects in America?”

CNN News, June 11, 2020

“Who are you essential to?” yelled a New York Police Department officer on June 2 as he confronted badged Associated Press (AP) videographer Robert Bumsted and AP photographer Maye-E Wong as they sought to report on a protest.

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