Events & Speaking Engagements

Events & Speaking Engagements

Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a compelling and lively speaker for professional organizations, media companies, think tanks, and universities on topics of vital interest today. Her talks feature the insights on authoritarian styles of leadership, fascism and its memory, and propaganda that have made her a go-to source for journalists around the world and a frequent guest on television, radio, and podcasts.

Topics include:

  • “How Strongmen Think – and How to Oppose Them”
  • “Resistance: Lessons from History”
  • “Political Leadership: Does Character Matter?”
  • “The Global Right’s Endgame”
  • “What is Fascism, and Why it’s Back”
  • “Propaganda and Personality Cults: How They Work”
  • “Strongmen from Mussolini to Trump.”


Featured Appearances

Ruth Ben Ghiat WMHC 2019
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Ruth Ben-Ghiat on PBS
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