Essay & Op-Ed Archive: Gender Politics

People with computers at a meeting

The Sexual Harassment We Don’t Talk About

She arrives at the meeting to present a report that she’s worked on for months. Within minutes he’s at her side, telling her she looks gorgeous today. He sits next …

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Protest march in Madrid against La Manada sentence, in the Spanish Parliament

This message keeps the global #MeToo movement alive

The #MeToo movement has shown once again the wisdom of the adage that there is strength in numbers — even as it highlights that it is still difficult for individual …

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Ginsburg speaks at naturalization ceremony 2018

RBG revolutionized the world for women. We should listen to her

She was sexually harassed in college. When she finished law school, at the top of her class, she only found a clerkship when her professor promised the prospective employer that …

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Alexander Acosta participates in the White House Made in America Showcase

Strongmen are riding high — and headed for a fall

It was a prank when Navy pilots — for whatever reason — traced a giant penis and testicles in the sky recently in Okanogan County, Washington, but an apt one for …

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Newt Gingrich faced off with Fox News host Megyn Kelly

Dear Professor Gingrich: Sign up for America’s Changing 101

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House and former professor of history, showed a lack of leadership and a dated knowledge of current American realities in his now-viral exchange with …

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