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Police Brutality

“How Did Journalists Become Hate Objects in America?”

CNN News, June 11, 2020

“Who are you essential to?” yelled a New York Police Department officer on June 2 as he confronted badged Associated Press (AP) videographer Robert Bumsted and AP photographer Maye-E Wong as they sought to report on a protest.

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coronavirus in the world

COVID-19 Tempts Would-Be Authoritarians

Foreign Affairs, May 5, 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic poses a stress test for societies – wrenching people out of ordinary routines and exposing them to death and dislocation, bringing forth acts of solidarity and courage as well as scapegoating.

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Trump Politics

Trump’s twinship with Orbán shows ‘illiberal democracy’ has a home in the US

The, May 16, 2019

“Is Trump bringing Orbán’s ‘illiberal democracy’ to America?”

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Jair Bolsonaro Is Not the New Trump. He’s Worse.

Scarcely a week into Jair Bolsonaro’s tenure as president of Brazil, protections for the environment and indigenous and LGBTQ populations have been removed, and both the neoliberal economic policies closely associated in Latin America …

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When Investigators Threatened His Power, He Declared Dictatorship

He threatened the press, joked about ruling for life and bullied everyone, including the allies who helped him get into office, while enjoying a cult following among his base. When …

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Matteo Salvini - Manifestazione Piazza Duomo - 24 Febbraio 2018

In Italy’s Elections, the Fascists Did Scarily Well

Italy’s elections may have ended in a political deadlock — no one party or alliance gained the 40% necessary to have an absolute Parliamentary majority — but the projected results …

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Trump’s authoritarian playbook — what’s next?

Just before Donald Trump took office, I argued that our new President would likely follow the “authoritarian playbook,” an approach toward governance that privileges executive power and makes the leader’s …

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President Donald J. Trump signed Executive Orders to advance the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon’s coup in the making

We’re not even two weeks into the Trump presidency. Has your head exploded yet? If so, you’re right where Donald Trump and our shadow ruler, Steve Bannon, want you to …

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President-elect Donald Trump is bringing his post-election tour of gratitude to Hershey tonight, returning to the Giant Center six weeks after he was there for a last-minute push to win over Pennsylvania voters before Election Day.

Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Politics of Memory

In The Captive Mind, Czeslaw Milosz tells a story about a man who ventures out in the immediate aftermath of the fall of a regime. Papers full of state secrets lie …

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Donald Trump raising a fist next to an American flag

Trump is following the authoritarian playbook

n less than a week, America will embark on a new political experience: rule by an authoritarian President. Donald Trump won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by nearly …

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