Gli imperi cover

Gli imperi: dall’antichità all’età contemporanea

This volume brings together scholarship on empires from a wide variety of temporal and geographical contexts, from ancient Rome and China, through the French and Russian empires, to contemporary America.

Gli imperi: dall’antichità all’età contemporanea (edited, Mulino, 2009)

Essays by Anthony Pagden, Frederick Cooper, Jane Burbank, Elio Lo Cascio, Anne Laura Stoler, Franco Cardini, Gigliola Pagano, Antonio Feros, Guido Abbattista, Nicola Di Cosmo, and David Armitage explore imperial citizenship, sovereignty, and frontiers, the challenges of managing space and multi-ethnicity, the tensions between incorporation and differentiation, and the gaps between the transformative ambitions of empires and the real limitations of imperial power.

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Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema Book Cover

Italian Fascism’s Empire Cinema

“Italian Fascism’s Empire Cinema is the most subtle and detailed examination we have of a crucial element of the cultural practice of ‘totalitarian’ dictatorship, Italian-style.”
―Times Higher Education Supplement

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Italian Colonialism Cover

Italian Colonialism

“Italian Colonialism offers a fascinating introduction to a subject that has for too long been ignored. ….Through highly readable chapters by many of the major scholars in the field, the book puts both Italian history and the history of European colonialism in a new light.”

– David Kertzer, Paul Dupee Professor of Social Sciences, Brown University

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Italian Mobilities

“This is a great read for anyone who studies Italian emigration, colonialism or immigration, as it allows the reader to see quite clearly how these three topics are deeply interconnected.”
– Avy Valladares, Berkeley City College, Altreitalie

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